These gorgeous Zenko Fusion knives can change how your kitchen looks and works

A quality knife set is literally something you can build an entire kitchen around. As the backbone of any meal prep, a set that handles all your basic slicing and dicing is not only how you craft a great dish, but it's also how you find a love for being in the kitchen. Because there's no faster way to dread cutting into a fruit or cleaving a cut of meat than when a dull, old, janky knife makes the whole process an ordeal.

That definitely won't be a problem with this Zenko Fusion 4-piece knife set with a magnetic stand that can jazz up your kitchen while making your time crafting meals a pleasure.

The set includes all the basics that any chef demands, from an 8-inch chef knife and 7-inch Santoku knife to smaller utility and paring blades for handling all your cutting needs. 

Funded by big contributions from backers on Indiegogo and Kickstarter, these Zenko Fusion knives are a blend of the two worlds that blade crafters have straddled for centuries: eye-pleasing aesthetics and precisely-honed functionality.

As for the look, the Fusion blades are undeniably striking. Made from premium high-carbon Japanese steel for long-lasting sharpness, each is also treated with a non-stick ceramic coating that helps prevent stains and rust. 

Shrouded in black from handle to knife tip, these ultra-lightweight knives, with their comfortable fit handles, aren't just made to look good hanging on their magnetic stand. This cutlery was constructed with reduced blade angles, combining with the longer lasting blade edge to serve up a smooth, swift slice.

Meanwhile, the non-stick coating seals the porous structure of the steel, which keeps dirt and bacteria from building up. Easy to clean with just a rinse, it only takes a little care after each use to keep this set brilliantly sharp for years to come.

And, with the magnetic bamboo stand, the entire set can be set up for easy access in any corner of your kitchen as they become indispensable helpers in all your food prep projects.

A complete four-piece Zenko Fusion knife set with the accompanying stand is regularly $179, but right now, the whole collection is on sale at more than 30% off, down to just $119.99.

Prices subject to change.