Kick-off 2021 with 10 deals on CBD products and smoking accessories

It's 2021…and if 2020 is any indication, we can expect this year to be another big one for the exploding CBD and recreational cannabis markets. With more states like New York on the doorstep of loosening restrictions on marijuana-derived products, you can enjoy the fact that you can not only get these products legally in a growing number of areas, but they're available at some darn fine prices as well.

Take a look at these 10 CBD and cannabis smoking accessories that are all now on sale at savings of up to 57% off.

Sunday Scaries CBD Gummies – $29.99; originally $36

One of the longtime favorites in the CBD candy game, Sunday Scaries offer this 20-count bottle of gummies packed with their proprietary blend of vitamins B12 and D3, along with high-quality broad-spectrum CBD sources from family-owned Colorado hemp farms. It's got all the benefits of CBD with the natural sweetness to make them a very tasty treat.

Sunday Scaries 500mg CBD Tincture – $64.99; originally $70

Also from Sunday Scaries, you can get this even more concentrated broad spectrum CBD dosage in tincture form. Made from 100% non-GMO industrial hemp CBD oil, you can enjoy the soothing effects of CBD in a mixture that's often easier to mix with food and digest than more bitter oils.

CBD Bundle: Combo Gummy, 1,000mg Tincture, and 2 Pre-Rolls – $51; originally $59

For those ready to vary up their CBD intake, this sampler assortment is for you. You can go with the 15 25mg CBD gummies, a dose of the full-spectrum 1,000mg CBD per bottle tincture, or go old-school with two pre-rolled CBD-only joints.

Unicorn Jerky CBD Candy – $20.99; originally $25

How could you ever be stressed out with candy that looks like a Willy Wonka factory exploded? Of course, in addition to its tutti-frutti exterior, these rainbow edibles are jam-packed with coconut oil and pure CBD. With 10mg per candy, you'll get all the calming effects in just about the most fun package possible.

Green Farm CBD Infused Pain Relief Cream – $18.99; originally $39

Or, you can just rub it in instead. This 100% non-psychoactive cream from Green Farm is infused with CBD oil and menthol, which is an anti-inflammatory for reducing the soreness or burn of muscle pain, skin irritations, and more. Along with the CBD, this rub can help knock out minor aches and pains.

Rise CBD Ground Coffee – $23.99; originally $32

Blended by Bean and Bud by Allo, you will get the soothing impact of a quality brew, along with the added effects of 320mg of CBD. Made from 100% Arabica beans, this coffee combines hints of raspberry and dark chocolate with the calming properties that only CBD can provide.

The Hippie W – $39.95; originally $49

For vaping fans, the Hippie W is the latest step in the evolution of easy, clean, simple vaporizers. Unlike other vaporizers, this portable device uses a ceramic and glass mouthpiece, rather than a coil, to burn your wax or other concentrate, leading to a more pure, flavorable taste. 

Hippie Nano Plus Vaporizer – $14.99; originally $34

But, if the Hippie W is too big, there's also the Hippie Nano Plus, the world's smallest vaporizer. At just two inches long and able to virtually disappear in your palm, the Nano features changeable voltage control, a pre-heating function, and even a new magnetic connection for swapping cartridges quickly and easily.

Pokeball Grinder – $7.99; originally $14

Sure, it does a brilliant job perfectly shredding herbs or spices in its rotary grinding teeth for better potency. But c'mon…it looks just like a cute Pokeball. You've probably got to get it for that fun feature alone.

Allin1E Smoking Tool – $30.99; originally $59

Made from aerospace-quality aluminum, this Swiss Army knife for smokers packs a mini Bic lighter, a cig-shaped quartz glass one-hitter pipe, a stainless steel cleaning poker, a two-piece grinder, and a two-gram storage chamber, all in a pocket-sized frame less than 5 inches long. It's even water- and odor-resistant too.

Prices subject to change.