Zenva Academy offers over 250 courses of coding training that could change your life

There are a hundred different directions you could take a career in tech. You could become a cybersecurity expert or create video games. You could design and run cloud-based systems or build your own artificial intelligence. But, whether you want to do DevOps, web development, or even work a tech help desk, one skill is paramount and virtually universal.

You need to know how to code.

Programming is on the verge of becoming an essential life skill – and with this all-access training pass to the archives of the Zenva Academy, even a complete coding beginner can quickly earn the skills to get hired as a real, live programming professional.

Of course, you've got to put in the work. Thankfully, the catalog of courses offered by the Zenva Academy is vast. With over 250 courses available – and more added monthly – your membership allows you to take any course at any time, all on your schedule. 

Trusted by over 1,000,000 learners and developers, Zenva courses are led by world-class instructors who help unlock the mysteries of all the most in-demand programming skills. And, with affiliations to elite developer programs from Intel, Microsoft, CompTIA and more, this coursework is a direct line to the skills it takes to get hired or advance in your current tech role.

One popular hallmark of a Zenva course is its devotion to hands-on learning. Whether you're learning the skills to create your own web app, build a machine learning system, or analyze data, Zenva courses include real projects that challenge students to actually build around the lessons they're learning.

And once you've built the game, created the VR app, or put together your own web crawler, that final product is now part of your ongoing portfolio. That tangible example of your work can often become the ultimate decision-maker for a hiring manager filling a key position.

A one-year subscription to the entire Zenva Academy course collection is usually $169, but right now, you can enjoy that 24/7/365 access for almost $30 off, available now for just $139.99.

Prices subject to change.