TourBox Neo puts over a dozen controls into your hands to improve your digital editing projects

You undoubtedly know at least one mouse hater. While 95% of the computing world points and clicks, there are still those hard-boiled types who live and die by the keyboard and the keyboard only. While many of those devotees were often trained that way as programmers, others just can't stand trying to make ultra-precise cursor placement and action with an often very imprecise mouse.

And, for those elite-level heavy users, there are even times when the keyboard isn't precise enough. That's where a custom-crafted alternative like the TourBox Neo comes in, a fully programmable editing controller that allows the user supreme control over digital creative tasks that require absolute perfection.

With a Neo in hand, digital professionals who do a lot of intensive image and video editing, digital drawing, and graphic design, and more get the simplified, optimized use of apps like Photoshop, Lightroom, and other software that they demand.

While the size isn't intimidating, taking up very little desktop real estate, the surface of the Neo itself might seem like another story. With 11 buttons and three dials, each with their own ergonomically distinct features and appearance, it's easy to feel a little overwhelmed. But, within minutes, expert editors will already notice a difference in how long it takes to complete their editing projects, not to mention, the improved results.

Whether you're cutting video in Adobe Premiere or drawing digitally with Clip Studio Paint, the Neo has downloadable pre-configured profiles to sync with more than a dozen of the top media creation apps. 

That allows users to perform operations like changing the lighting or color on an image, shuttling quickly through video, or adjusting brush strokes in an art project with a simple push of a button, twist of a thumb wheel, or toggle of a switch. Each control is also fully customizable so you can reformat which button or dial to perform the operation that feels right for your creative process.

The TourBox also works for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The TourBox Neo will usually cost you about $190, but for a limited time, when you enter the coupon code CREATE10 during checkout, you can save another $10 off the already discounted price. That makes the final cost of your TourBox Neo just $139.99.

Prices subject to change.