Save over 70% on a three-year subscription to Windscribe's highly-rated VPN pro plan

We all know that having the protection of a virtual private network (VPN) to cloak your online activities is basically like adding oil to a car or wearing a warm jacket in the dead of winter. It's optional…but not really. If you don't take the precautions that come with cloaking your identity online, it's not really a matter of if you'll become a victim of cyber crime, but when.

If you're in the market for this vital coverage, shoppers should always take a close look at the handful of VPN providers that truly raise the game. The best ones don't just secure your web connection and safeguard your IP address. They also pack in other features and protection measures that offer a level of security and protection online that every web user wants.

Windscribe is certainly one of those elite services, bringing more to the table for subscribers to their Pro Plan than just a robust web shield against any and all prying eyes online.

As you'd expect from any VPN worth their salt, Windscribe is an absolute beast when it comes to your security, erecting an encrypted connection tunnel that masks your physical location from anyone trying to track your activities. In addition to shaking those trackers and malicious online forces, Windscribe also lets you unblock geo-restricted content worldwide, torrent and share files securely, and never leave any trace or logs while you browse.

But, those basics are just the start of what a Windscribe VPN account offers. Users also enjoy a full desktop app and browser extension integration, allowing you to access all of your device's defenses through one easy-to-use interface.

There's the ROBERT feature, a one-of-a-kind customizable domain and IP blocking tool that blocks ads and trackers from appearing on pages you search. It also prevents infections from online viruses, and allows you to build your own block lists and customize the access rules for anywhere you go.

With its own firewall, built-in hotspot capabilities, ultra-flexible connectivity, and more, Windscribe is an all-around protection solution that goes way beyond a simple VPN. Right now, a three-year subscription to a Windscribe Pro Plan, a $324 value, is now on sale for just $89.99.

Prices subject to change.