The FLKR LYTR isn't just a cool lighter case – it's also an infectiously addictive fidget toy

Back in the days when everybody was a smoker, lighters were everywhere. And, since they were in the hands of millions of people basically all the time, it wasn't uncommon to see a smoker absent-mindedly flicking the lighter cap open and closed over and over again, or zipping a lighter around between their fingers while they talked or thought about something else.

If you want to get technical, lighters were basically the fidget devices of choice for decades during post WWII America. That only makes it fitting that the FLKR LYTR is now the first successful attempt to marry the traditional gas station lighter with the infectiously popular fidget spinner into a new must-have lighter accessory.

Crafted with a slick plastic casing and stainless steel bearings, the FLKR LYTR slips casually over the frame of a Bic-style disposable lighter. Of course, when the two are connected like some carcinogenic Voltron, they become greater than the sum of their parts. It's a cool 2-in-1 lighter sleeve that's got literal spin.

The FLKR LYTR never gets in the way of lighter function, so you can still spark up a fire, candles, incense, or any other combustible product, just like always. But, with a lighter locked in and poised on those bearings, it can turn into a whirling dervish in your fingers, spinning rapidly as a way to occupy your hands, your attention, your thoughts, or maybe all three.

Either it sparks a flame and lights its designated target, or it flips and twirls to help users relieve anxiety, psychological stress, or just burn off nervous energy. For any of those uses, don't be surprised if that intoxicating case doesn't end up in your hands just as often as old school lighters entertained our previous generations.

Right now, the FLKR LYTR Fidget Spinner Light Case is available in packs of four. And, while that collection was already on sale at $5 off its retail price, you can also burn another 15% off your total by entering the Valentine's Day sale code VDAY2021 at checkout. That cuts the final price for a FLKR LYTR four-pack down to just $12.74.

Prices subject to change.