A smart ear wax remover? Yep, the Spade is your safe and effective next-gen answer to the cotton swab

You've probably heard the old joke about as far back as you can remember. In fact, you were probably a kid who had just started actively participating in their own hygiene when someone informed you that you aren't supposed to ever put anything smaller in your ear than your elbow.

But…what about cotton swabs? Well, beyond being one slip away from becoming extremely unsafe for your ear drum, the usual cotton swab doesn't really clean out your ears at all. While it might pick up some of that nasty ear wax in the course of its travels, all it's really doing is pushing most of that wax deeper inside your ear canal.

Obviously that's not good.

It's time to attack the job with the right tool. Consider the Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover — a tech-savvy, effective, and fundamentally safe way to get all that gunk out from inside your ears.

The Spade features a 3MPX sensor camera that wirelessly streams a full view of the inside of your ear right to the connected (and free) Spade app.

But, how can the camera show you what's happening in the darkness of your ear canal? Aha! It's packed with 6 inner-mounted LED lights that give you a clear view of your ear canals, all without ever getting hot or uncomfortable. Attached to the Spade is one of their expertly designed EarPicks, each crafted to gently scoop out even stubborn wax buildup, all without missing a spot.

Meanwhile, the whole system is maintained out of a 3-in-1 base, which serves as a charger, a dock, and storage space that helps the Spade work for up to 60 days on a single charge.

The Spade Smart Ear Wax Remover is the device that can ween you off cotton swabs once and for all. Right now, this $126 set is not only discounted, but you can also save an extra 15% for a limited time by entering the Valentine's Day sale code VDAY2021 at checkout. That lowers your final price for pristine ears to just $84.99.

Prices subject to change.