These 14 coffee and espresso makers are perfect for your java-obsessed Valentine

We all know Valentine's Day is a day set aside to show a little appreciation for those we love the most. And, while that usually includes a spouse or significant other, a child, or other nearests and dearests, this day should not ignore some of our other most critical loves.

Like coffee. Oh, coffee, how we love you.

If you can't live without the bean, or more importantly, if you love someone whose love for coffee might even supersede their love for you, then this batch of Valentine's Day coffee brewing systems and accessories might help you challenge java for their heart. Let's be honest…it probably won't work. But they'll definitely love you even more for trying.

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Gourmia Single Serve Coffee and Tea Maker – $50.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $119

This all-in-one 14 oz. brewer from Gourmia does pretty much everything, handling coffee grounds or tea, then transitioning to brewing from k-cups with a quick flip of a filter. The control panel also makes for easy brewing, with genius features for making a fresh cup as simple as pressing a button.

Gourmia Automatic 4-Mode Digital Conical Burr Grinder – $84.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $99

If you want just the right cup of coffee, sometimes you have to just grind it yourself…and this 4-mode beast can make it happen. Versatility is the name of the game here, including 39 different grind sizes, precision grind amounts in grams, ounces, or cups – or just wing it and brew everything from a French press to an espresso manually to your own specs. With fresh grounds, you can't lose.

Gourmia Coffee Maker with Built-In Grinder – $84.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $139

It's the best of both worlds here – grind it, then brew it all in one single unit. And the whole thing is programmable, so you can set up your beans for a fresh grind and brew literally every morning. You can make up to 10 cups of fresh joe, then pop off the removable grinder and brewing chamber for easy cleaning in the sink afterward.

Gourmia Digital Accelerated Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $50.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $109

For those days when a smooth cold brew is what you're craving, this ultra-precise maker can turn a typical 24-hour cold brew around a whole lot faster. Like, within four minutes kind of fast.

You'll get a sweeter, healthier drink brewed with four different strength modes, and it doesn't even take you all day to do it.

Gourmia Brewdini 5-Cup Cold Brew Coffee Maker – $127.49 after code VDAY2021; originally $149

Ok, then if reducing the cold brew process down to 4 minutes is STILL too slow, how about just two minutes? This Brewdini maker uses an innovative vacuum tech to super-charge brewing and and turn out up to 5 cups of your favorite cafe specialities at home in mere moments.

Cold and nitro brews

BeanPlus Cold Drip Brewer Premium Kit – $84.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $130

Unlike immersion-style brewers, this BeanPlus brewer uses a special drip method for a richer flavor with less grounds finished in only a third of the usual cold brewing time. The slow-drip valve gives you more control over the strength and even the taste of your coffee, while the built-in filter purifies the water and prevents blockages so absolutely nothing gets in the way of a stellar cup every time.

FrankOne Brewer and FrankCoffee – $84.99 after code VDAY2021; originally $128

VacTec technology helps craft a cold brew in record time, but this unit is also portable. In addition to brewing up to 100 cups on a single charge, shoppers also get two 14 oz. bags of FrankCoffee, a chocolatey brew with a mellow, citrusy aftertaste that was designed specifically for the Frank One.

Royal Brew Nitro Coffee Maker – $110.49 after code VDAY2021; originally $179

If you haven't tried nitro coffee – a brew infused with nitrous oxide or nitrogen for a less acidic, tastier brew that stays fresh longer – here's your chance. Rather than paying Starbucks prices, this easy-to-use keg and dispenser will have you making foamy cold brews with added sweetness in no time.


Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker – $22.95 after code VDAY2021; originally $27

Milano Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker – $51 after code VDAY2021; originally $60

Milano Stella Aroma Stovetop Espresso Maker – $72.21 after code VDAY2021; originally $125

These three stovetop espresso makers from Grosche are exactly what you need to feed your espresso cravings at home without being one of those big, expensive machines. Compared to filter coffee makers, this brew pulls more caffeine and flavor from the bean on any gas or electric stovetop. It's even got a heat-resistant handle to avoid any nasty burns.

Or, you can go with this stainless steel model that makes up to six cups of espresso. Stainless steel is always cool – and with the satin finish, matte black powder coating, and fine craftsmanship, this maker looks almost as good as it brews. 

Finally, you can also try the Stella, a hand-crafted work of art in every detail of its precision 80-step production, including a 7-step hand polishing. It's also got a removable funnel coffee filter so you can always control the strength of your espresso.

Sirena Prestige Espresso Machine – $245.65 after code VDAY2021; originally $289

This is for the legit espresso snobs out there – but, nobody cares if you're a snob when it tastes this good. The 15-bar professional-grade pressure and twin brewing system makes espresso and coffee in only 90 seconds. There's even a built-in frother and a smart cup warmer to keep your brew toasty, at just the right temperature, until you get to it.

Kopipresso Espresso Press – $42.46 after code VDAY2021; originally $60

This manual espresso maker lets you adjust the pump yourself, building up anywhere from 8 to 20 bars of pressure for the most cost-effective, lightweight, and portable espresso brewer you'll find anywhere. It's compatible with Nespresso capsules, and you can even dunk the whole thing underwater for a thorough cleaning.

Kopipresso Brewer Mug – $59.46 after code VDAY2021; originally $90

It's an on-the-go brewing system…it's a Thermos…it's both. The portable mug lets drinkers brew their coffee at their desk, in the car, or almost anywhere, with ease. It all stays sealed in the drip-resistant chambers – and it stays warm for over six hours.

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