End distracted driving once and for all with these innovative car mounts

If you're reading this, then we can only hope that you're not also driving at the same time. Unfortunately, it isn't as crazy an idea as it sounds since distracted driving seems to be no big deal for way too many of those behind the wheel out there right now.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 800,000 vehicles are being driven by someone using a cell phone during daylight hours at any given moment. In addition to killing over 2,800 people and injuring another 400,000 in 2018, AAA reported electronics use is the leading source of distraction for teen drivers.

Half the states in America ban hand-held phone use while driving, so car mounts aren't just optional, they're essential. Right now, check out these deals on more than a dozen different car mount models, all at discounts of up to 77% off.

Under $20

Gravity Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder – $9.99; originally $22

For under $10, you'll never find a better, easier way to keep your phone locked into position. With a 5-point support design, four silicone claws, and even a shock absorber, this universal fit mount accommodates any phone up to 6.5 inches with full support, stability, and protection.

Stinger Car Vent Mount Phone Holder and Emergency Tool – $11.99; originally $20

Here's a phone mount that's ready to do more than just hold a device. In addition to magnetically keeping a phone locked down, the Stinger detaches for use as an emergency tool, with a spring-loaded punch to serve as a glass breaker, and a razor-sharp blade for cutting through a seatbelt. Best of all, it stays right on the dash at all times so you'll never forget where it is if an emergency does happen.

iBolt ChargeDock with MFi-Certified Cable – $15.99; originally $69

The ChargeDock fully integrates your iPhone into your car sound system. While it magnetically docks your phone in place, the MFi-certified cable connects the car's audio or Apple CarPlay to play tunes or just stay charged up. It even works with most iPhone case designs.

Aduro Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Vent Mount – $17.99; originally $49

The Aduro hooks right onto the air vent on your dash with a ball-joint swivel mechanism for adjusting your viewing angle from landscape to portrait mode. Plus, this mount charges your phone via Qi wireless technology, so keep following those directions without worrying about your phone running out of juice.

Gravity X Car Mount – $19.99; originally $29

A Kickstarter and Indiegogo favorite, this mount uses the small gaps found in most dashboards to anchor your phone in place. The weight of the phone itself helps the device lock into the Gravity's grip even one-handed, so it's ultimately both easy to use and safe when you're out on the road.

Gravitis Wireless Car Charger – $19.99; originally $28

The Gravitis also supports wireless charging, getting your phone from empty to full battery in 2 to 3 hours. While it slips right on an air vent to grip your device and offer effortless navigation and one-touch control, it also comes in five different colors – so, if fashion matters, pick the one that suits you and your ride best.

Wireless Fast Charging Vehicle Phone Mount – $19.99; originally $69

Whether you're using an iPhone or an Android, this mount gets the job done. From the 360-degree omni-directional rotation to the lightning quick 9-volt fast charging ability to the built-in overcharge and short circuit protections, this grip does it all. It's even got a responsive intelligent ID chip inside, so the moment you slip your phone in, you're ready to go.

Under $60

Ninja Dragon QI-X Universal Wireless Charger with Car Mount Holder – $21.99; originally $36

Just lay your phone on the Ninja Dragon, and boom – your phone goes into automatic charge-up mode. This mount can identify if your device supports fast charging, then feed it just the right amount of power. Between that and the overcharging protections, there's no faster way to safely charge up your phone, even while you're following directions of doing other connected tasks.

Zone One Wireless Charging Car Holder – $22; originally $49

Easy is the name of the game with the Zone One. Its strong grip keeps your phone securely in place while you drive, with a full 360-degree rotation so you can angle your device in any direction. Plus, the 10 watts of power feeds Qi wireless charging power to your attached phone whenever it needs a pick-me-up.

HyperGear 10W Fast Charge Wireless Mount Kit – $29.99; originally $39

Whether you want to slip a mount onto your air vent or mount it squarely on your dashboard with the suction cup and locking lever, the HyperGear has your back, either way. The phone cradle holds your device while the adjustable foot helps center the phone's built-in Qi receiver right on the wireless charging surface.

Chargeworx Motion-Activated Wireless Charging Car Mount – $39.99; originally $59

Nobody should be struggling with their phone while trying to drive, so the infrared motion sensor on the Chargeworx lets drivers easily attach and remove their phone with just one hand. Meanwhile, the non-scratch silicone arms help keep your phone secure without any worry of damage. 

Smart Touch Auto-Clamping Wireless Car Charger – $50.99; originally $60

Here's a mount that's almost like having an AI working for you. When this charger detects your phone, it actually spreads its tiny mechanical arms to grip the device in its secure technological hug, all while also feeding a fast charge of power to your phone. 

Car and Driver Motion-Activated Mount Kit – $39.99 after code DRIVER15; originally $54

The auto-adjusting grip helps clamp onto your device firmly, while the built-in wireless charger keeps your phone powered up, even with your GPS working overtime. Then, once you reach your destination, the touch sensor releases your phone easily from the mount, hassle-free. And by using the coupon code DRIVER15 during checkout, you can save an extra $15 off your total.


MagBuddy Wireless Charge Anywhere+ Mount – $49.99; originally $59

MagBuddy Wireless Charge Dash Mount – $49.99; originally $59

MagBuddy Wireless Charge Windshield Mount – $49.99; originally $59

Just adhere the award-winning MagBuddy magnet to the back of your phone, and you're finished struggling with plug-ins or worrying about charging connections. Just swipe the Qi-enabled device near the charging base, let the powerful magnet latch on and snap the device into place, and watch as the fast-charging 10-watt power up begins. You can choose from mounts designed specifically to attach to the windshield, the top of the dashboard, or directly onto any surface.

Prices subject to change.