Save over 25% on these wireless earbuds that last over 25 hours

Back in 1997, renowned investor and billionaire Warren Buffett said blue chip organizations like Coca-Cola and Gilette were "absolutely wonderful companies run by outstanding managers." But he warned that "you can pay too much, at least in the short run, for businesses like that."

That philosophy of paying for quality — but not overpaying — applies to products as well. While Apple's AirPods Pro are the toast of the headphones world, they, like most Apple products, come at a high premium price.

Instead, savvy shoppers will do their homework and can find alternatives that stand toe-to-toe with the AirPods in performance…and eat their lunch when it comes to price.

One of those alternatives is Naztech's powerful little Xpods Pro True Wireless Earbuds.

Sound is the true difference maker for any audio tech and the booming bass, along with the clear and distortion-free highs from these custom-tuned drivers are as robust as Apple's best.

Convenience is also at a premium with the Xpods Pro, including an auto-pairing feature that automatically powers up and pairs the earbuds to your device the moment you open their charging case. That's in service to advance playback abilities that ensure faster data rates and a more stable connection to deliver the best possible sound quality. Plus, they've got dual mics to bring the same level of audio performance to your phone calls too.

Unlike one-size-fits-all models, the Xpods Pro also comes with a complete set of six different silicone eartips in different sizes, so users can find the one that fits best. They're also ergonomically designed to lock in sound and seal out distracting ambient noise during all of your listening sessions.

And while the Xpods Pro delivers up to 5 hours of playback time on their own, they also come with their own charging case, maximizing your listening time up to more than 25 hours before it needs to recharge. The earbuds can fast-charge up to an hour of extra listening with just 10 minutes of charging time and the case itself bounces back to full power in less than 2 hours, so you can stay powered up and listening almost all the time.

Best of all, the Xpods Pro are available for a whole lot less than the gaudy $249 retail price for the AirPods. Right now, you can get the Xpods Pro for almost 30 percent off their regular price at just $49.99 with this offer.

Prices are subject to change.