Read David Hogg's Good Pillow manifesto

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, the deplatformed Trump supporter who spread lies about voter fraud and held an 11th-hour meeting with Trump to pitch him on an authoritarian scheme to overthrow the election, has a new competitor. Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg (20) said his new company is called Good Pillow. He launched it with software engineer William LeGate.

From their manifesto:

  • Good Pillow pledges to support charitable organizations working to improve the lives of everyday Americans & people across the world.
  • Good Pillow pledges to have an active dialogue with its customers regarding which causes it will allocate a percentage of profits to.
  • Good Pillow pledges to be sustainably sourced and to be environmentally accountable.
  • Good Pillow pledges to employ well-paid, unionized manufacturers.
  • Good Pillow pledges to be Made in America.
  • Good Pillow pledges to place a strong emphasis on hiring those who have traditionally struggled with seeking employment, including: veterans, refugees, people with disabilities, and people who were formerly incarcerated.
  • Good Pillow pledges to fill our Board of Directors with people who actually represent America. We've seen companies and leaders rely on symbolic gestures as a substitute for real change. We commit to ensuring our actions demonstrate the depth of our commitment.
  • Good Pillow pledges to appoint a Chief Progressive Officer to its executive team, whose sole purpose is to ensure we stay true to our vision