Professional pillow fighting: the newest combat sport

During the height of the "war on terror," one of the stock responses used by Republicans to defend the unjust incursion on Iraqi soil was that the terrorists "hated us for our freedom." As far as warmongering propaganda slogans go, you've got to admit, that's a great one. By keeping the idea of freedom as nebulous as possible, the listener can project their favorite form of consumerism onto the maxim as a freedom worth defending. Let's say Burger King is your favorite fast food joint. Well, the terrorists don't have a Burger King, and they hate you for it. Instead of demanding that all Americans file in line under the shared idea of Coke and apple pie, the slogan gives enough latitude to encompass every tendril of capitalism- no matter how inane. However, if professional pillow fighting existed in the early 00s, I think Americans and terrorists would stand in solidarity to despise the freedom that allowed such an idiotic venture to exist.

In the video linked above, check out the newest attempt to capitalize on the popularity of MMA: professional pillow fighting. The promotion is one hundred percent real and has already signed a former UFC fighter to its roster. God help us all.