MyPillow auctioning off its equipment after claimed $100m loss

When Elon Musk started selling off fixtures from Twitter's offices, some saw it as evidence of how overgrown the company had gotten before he took over, while others saw it as evidence the company was already in trouble as a result. Both things seem true, in hindsight, and now we get to ask the same question about Trump stan Mike Lindell flogging industrial equipment no longer needed by MyPillow. Belt-tightening or meltdown?

WCCO reached out to MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who said the surplus auction is a reflection of the change from big box and mall store sales to a direct-to-consumer approach. Lindell said after stores like Walmart and Bed, Bath & Beyond "canceled" MyPillow, Lindell had to act quickly to ensure that his employees kept working. He says MyPillow is dealing with a large amount of inventory. He said some MyPillow employees had to shift roles in order to avoid layoffs, and that the company has made a number of adjustments. … Lindell previously said that MyPillow lost $100 million due to his election fraud claims. 

Meltdown it is, then. One thing, though: he claims Bed Bath and Beyond canceled MyPillow, but Bed Bath and Beyond was already pretty much canceled by the free market.