Ready to be a chess master? These training sessions can boost your game, no matter your skill level

You always wanted to learn chess – and maybe you even picked up a move or two along the way. You know the Italian Game. You can launch a minority attack. You might even have tried the Sicilian Defense once or twice. But, the most basic chess strategies will only take you so far. 

Even if your chess knowledge barely extends beyond which one is the rook and what direction the 'horse' moves, there are ways to immediately vault your chess game beyond 99% of the people you may end up playing against.

If you want to know chess, sit at the foot of a grandmaster and let them show you the real intricacies of the game of kings. Right now, each of these three chess training packages from iChess are all on sale at almost 80% off their regular price.

Chess for Beginners: The Ultimate Course Bundle – $39.99; originally $199

For those just looking to try their hand at chess for the first time, this is the training to not only get you started, but make you a real player. Across 13 courses and more than 44 hours of content, grandmasters and chess champions, Damian Lemos, Alisa Melekhina, and Anna Rudolf will become your guides to crafting a fundamentally sound, strategically rich chess game.

From strong opening techniques, to forcing opponents out of complacency, to foundational endgame strategies, three of the game's best players take you inside how they combat these basic game scenarios. Even if you've never really played before, the bedrock training found here will be enough to immediately make you better than almost anyone you'll play. 

Road to Chess Mastery: Quick Chess Improvement Mega Bundle – $49.99; originally $249

If you're skilled enough to know your way around a board, but feel like you need to take your game to the next level, this intermediate range collection with another 50 hours of content should get you there. 

Rather than spending hundreds, or even thousands, of hours improving on your own, the collective chess knowledge of chess experts like Lemos, Simon Williams, Lawrence Trent, and Marian Petrov can hone and advance your skills. Cutting-edge attacks, tactical themes, and learning the secrets of positional chess are all on the agenda here, with tips that can boost your Elo rating and put you on a path to battle in competition if you like. Of course, if you'd just finally love to beat your uncle at chess for the first time next holiday season, this is the shock-and-awe package that can open everybody's eyes to your talents.

Advanced Chess Strategy Mega Bundle – $59.99; originally $299

Ok, let's get serious. If you're ready to become the next Beth Harmon, this 4-course, 44-hour examination of top-shelf chess strategy might just do the trick. Williams, Judit Polgar, Niclas Huschenbeth, and Nazi Paikidze make up a worldwide murderers' row of grandmaster and international master champions offering lessons designed to both elevate your understanding and broaden your thinking on the game. Sacrifices, forcing moves, prophylaxis, pattern recognition, and otherworldly openings and endgames are taught with illuminating examples for finding winning techniques in even the most challenging of situations.

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