This top-selling laptop cooling pad on Amazon is now an extra 15% off

If you've ever worked with a laptop on your actual lap, you know that can get uncomfortable quickly. That's because laptop components are usually so close to each other without a lot of air movement between them that they tend to overheat easily.

If you go to Amazon looking for a laptop cooling pad, you're not going to find a laptop cooling pad. You're going to find hundreds of laptop cooling pads. But among all those choices, there's a clear popular favorite, topping both the Amazon best-seller list in the category as well as earning a coveted Amazon's Choice distinction.

The Havit Laptop Cooling Pad is the consensus for a reason, packing both ultra-efficiency and easy functionality with a quality build, an attractive look and a very reasonable price.

Rather than subjecting a laptop to the potential for overheating and permanent damage from overuse or poor maintenance, the Havit serves up a trio of 4.33-inch fans that blast a laptop with much-needed cooling air.

With the 15.6 or 17-inch laptop in place on the wear-resisting metal mesh carrying surface, those fans spin at over 1,100 RPMs, serving up a premium airflow of up to 65 CFM (cubic feet per minute) around and underneath your hard-working terminal.

Even with all that power, those fans don't make working on your laptop sound like you're on the deck of an aircraft carrier. They're actually surprisingly quiet, dropping the temperature of your laptop without the distraction of noisy whirring fan blades.

Barely over an inch thick and weighing only 1.6 lbs, the Havit also has two adjustable height levels so you can always set up at just the right incline angle for optimal work or viewing. It even offers users an extra USB port to plug in and power another peripheral while you work.

The Havit Laptop Cooling Pad is a $37 value, but as part of the limited time Presidents' Day Sale, you can get one now for an additional 15% off the regular price with the code PREZ2021. Coupled with the already discounted price, that lowers your total on this essential cooling pad to just $28.01.

Prices subject to change.