Save over 25% on the world's smallest active noise cancelling earbuds in honor of President's Day

Headphone people generally fall into two camps. There are the dedicated audiophile types who have no problem rocking full over-ear cups to help drink in every morsel of the sound. Then…there's the rest of us.

For us, we want great sound too. We just don't want to feel like we're wearing a 5-pound helmet over our heads while we do it. We want rich stereo sound and clean audio for our calls and such, but we don't want a lot of hassle. So if we can get earbuds that all but disappear into our ears without compromising either the audio or our safety in the world around us, that's a winner.

That convenience is part of why the EarFun Free Pro Active Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds are scoring some very favorable reviews for their compact size and expansive sound.

At first glance, the EarFun Free Pros are easy to miss, because they're literally super tiny. In fact, they have such a low profile that someone really has to be paying attention to notice if you're wearing them.

At that size, it's easy to think the sound quality may be secondary to the portability, but the EarFun Free Pros don't skimp on the audio for a second. Packed with Bluetooth 5.2 for better connection stability with no dropout, the dual composite drivers deliver superior, balanced sound with high resolution and punchy, premium bass. iMore even called their rich sound "excellent," so you can enjoy the music whether you're sitting at your desk or out for a run.

Part of that quality audio is due to the EarFun Free Pros being the world's smallest earbuds with active noise cancellation. The outward-facing mics detect exterior sound, causing the drivers to produce accurate anti-noise signals to squelch outside interruptions up to 28dB. That feature also helps your voice come through three times clearer on the other end of your calls.

Meanwhile, these earbuds also come with a carrying case charger that serves up to 32 hours of listening at a time before you need to recharge.

The EarFun Free Pros retail for $79, but right now for a limited time, you can take an added 15 percent off the already discounted price by entering the Presidents' Day sale code PREZ2021 during checkout. That lowers your final price to just $50.99.

Prices are subject to change.