These seven webcams are all available at extra-low Presidents' Day sale prices

While we can't seem to agree on much as a nation these days, there's one thing that the past year has helped us all come to terms with — laptop cameras are not very good.

From low resolutions to gauzy filters to some less-than-perfect light adjustment levels, the cams built right into our devices don't do us much justice when we sit down for a conference call. 

Thankfully, Presidents' Day can be your liberation from a crummy webcam, with these seven models on sale now. And to further seal the deal, you can take an additional 15 percent off the already discounted price of each by entering the code PREZ2021 when you make your purchase.

iPM W9 1080p Full HD Webcam – $28.01 after code PREZ2021; originally $49

iPM W10 1080p Full HD Plug and Play Webcam – $35.69 after code PREZ2021; originally $59

iPM W11 1080p Super-HD Plug and Play Webcam – $49.29 after code PREZ2021; originally $79

If you ever had to install cam drivers back in the day, you know what a hassle that can be. That's why all of iPM's webcam models are each designed to plug and play with no drivers required. The W9 also gets plenty of mileage out of its full high-definition picture, bringing true-color images with a frame rate up to 30FPS for a smooth picture. It also comes with a multifunctional base so you can attach the cam securely to your monitor with a screw or just prop it up with its own tripod base.

Meanwhile, the W10 brings that same glorious 1080p image quality but ups its viewing field with complete 360-degree rotation. The cam also features a built-in stereo microphone, which automatically eliminates background noise and picks up any sound up to 16 feet away with clarity.

Finally, the W11 takes the resolution of its fellow iPM cams and expands on the goodness, rocking a 5 million pixel camera to process images and their highest possible brilliance. Plus, the W11 also comes with an LED light system so you'll always know if the cam is streaming, as well as a 110-degree viewing angle, offering an even better, more widescreen look to your cam image.

1080p USB Webcam – $33.99 after code PREZ2021; originally $54

If you're worried about bad lighting or odd color adjustments wrecking your webcam quality, this 1080p cam can take those concerns right off your plate. This unit comes with built-in image optimization, automatically fixing the saturation, contrast, white balance, and exposure of your shot each time to keep you looking your best. It's also set to work seamlessly with all the most popular video conferencing apps like Skype, Twitch, Zoom, Teams, Google Meet and more.

TEZL 1080P HD Webcam with Privacy Cover – $25.49 after code PREZ2021; originally $99

We've all heard the stories about remote hackers grabbing control of webcams, but this model from TEZL takes care of that simply and effectively. With the handy privacy cover, you can just slide the protective shield over your camera when it's not in use, essentially taking your cam out of commission for any online black hats. Of course, the 1080p resolution also serves up stellar performance even in dim or poorly lit settings.

EssentialTech Workspace HD Webcam – $50.14 after code PREZ2021; originally $79

The Workspace from Greenline delivers 1080p quality resolution and performance with a handful of video-improving extras as well. This cam packs 3D denoising, image enhancement, dynamic contrast, and a handful of other helpful processing features to assure users get the best possible image quality. The one comes with its own privacy filter cover too as well as an omnidirectional stereo microphone.

1080P HD Webcam with Microphone – $25.49 after code PREZ2021; originally $89

You can't ask for much more than this webcam from Remarkable Goodz delivers. Full panoramic high-def 1920 x 1080p resolution? Check. Omnidirectional mic with on-board noise reduction to filter out background sound? Check. Full compatibility with most operating systems and no driver, plug and play functionality? Also check. And you can rotate it a full 90 degrees to capture your perfect viewing angle.

Prices are subject to change.