This precision gaming gear set will instantly give your gameplay a boost

For PC gaming, precision and coordination are always important, so compatibility is a constant issue worth considering. If your keyboard doesn't play nice with your mouse, there could be a problem. With that in mind, you can actually pick up an entire gaming controller set that is dynamically engineered to ensure all pieces work together and best complement your gameplay. 

The HyperGear 4-in-1 Gaming Kit is just that type of collection, featuring a full assortment of plug-and-play components that not only work well right out of the box, but can help finetune your play, whether it's your main rig or even as a trusty backup.

A gaming keyboard needs to be optimized for high performance and this 104-key full-sized assemblage fits the bill. The board is ergonomically designed with features like an oversized spacebar and F-key multimedia controls for full customization. It's also backlit to cast a cool otherworldly multi-colored game-appropriate glow across your entire desk space.

Meanwhile, that same 7-color backlit glow also emanates from the high-accuracy scroll-wheel mouse. Packing with a gaming-grade optical sensor, the mouse features six buttons for all your in-game maneuvering, including a 4-Level DPI button that allows you to switch on-the-fly to adjust your mouse sensitivity to your preferred level.

You can even more fully escape into the world of your game with the German-engineered headphones. Powered by 40mm surround sound stereo drivers, these headphones sport noise-isolating ear cushions and an inline volume wheel for easier sound control. Even the comms are on point with the noise-cancelling boom mic so any fellow players won't miss your cues due to funky audio.

Finally, the set is complete with the flexible gaming mousepad, designed with micro-textured fabric to resist water and spills. It's also got a rubberized anti-slip base and a broad area for rolling so you always remain in full control of your components.

Regularly $59, the HyperGear 4-in-1 Gaming Kit is not only $10 off, you can also save an extra 15% for a limited time by adding the Presidents' Day Sale code PREZ2021 during checkout. With the added savings, your final price for the full set is just $42.49.

Prices subject to change.