Learn how to whip up the world's finest cocktails from this champion mixologist

You can give someone a recipe, but following step-by-step instructions is so much different than creating magic with the perfect cocktail. True mastery requires a high level of training and talent to transform even basic ingredients into mixological bliss.  

In The 2021 Ultimate Mixology and Cocktail Trainer Bundle, renowned international expert, Paul Martin, imparts decades of wisdom to help students create some of the most delicious concoctions possible.

For over 25 years, the former bartender, bar owner, and Noblesse World Mixology champion has trained more than 40,000 aspiring barkeeps in the art of serving the perfect drink. Now, this Guinness World Record holder who once made nearly 200 drinks in just one hour wants to lets you in on his secrets. 

In this five-course collection, Martin lays out how to make 100 of the most popular drinks in five distinct alcohol categories, allowing new mixologists to become good and good mixologists to become great. Whether you want to work at a bar or simply look like a pro while serving friends at home, this training will give you all the tools to put the bar on lock.

Martin breaks down all of the heavy hitters in each category, including the earthy taste of gin, the sugary sweetness of rum, the smoky complexity of whiskey, the spicy refinement of vodka, and much more! This training offers some background and history on each alcohol type then harnesses that knowledge to illustrate how to make world-class versions of 20 brilliant cocktails per category. 

If you want to learn to mix drinks, you could do a lot worse than learning under the watchful eye of a world champion. In just nine hours of training, The 2021 Ultimate Mixology and Cocktail Trainer Bundle will give you the confidence to command the bar. Each course in this collection is a $200 value on its own, but right now, the entire package is on sale for only $29.99, or about $6 per course.

Prices subject to change.