The Zebra checks your car insurance options for free to make sure you're paying the lowest possible rate

If you ever felt auto insurance rates weren't judged by your driving record alone, you have no idea how right you were. A new study by Consumer Reports seems to confirm what many have suspected for a long time — that auto providers are judging far more than your DMV report and your address before offering you coverage. 

In fact, in the age of Big Data, it turns out a provider is often looking at every scrap of information about you before providing a quote, right down to your credit history and TV provider. And they aren't afraid to jump to conclusions from that information either. CR found that at least three major auto insurance companies quoted higher average premiums to consumers who had less education or a job title that comes with lower pay.

That may be part of why car insurance rates have skyrocketed by almost 30 percent over the past decade. For drivers who have the sneaking suspicion, they're paying a lot more than they should for coverage, The Zebra can instantly answer that question. 

With their free service, The Zebra shows drivers dozens of quotes side-by-side from more than 200 top insurance providers, the largest network of providers available anywhere. And if they find a rate lower than your current coverage, they'll help you secure your new policy in minutes. It's about as hassle-free as car insurance gets.

Users of The Zebra enter some basic info about themselves and their location and then their super-smart algorithms go to work, crafting a full report in seconds laying out top coverage options at the best possible price. They have long standing relationships with all the industry's biggest names, including Allstate, State Farm, MetLife and more. 

Whether you've had a life change like moving or buying a new vehicle, or if you just want to know your options, The Zebra finds the average driver can save about $126 a year by shopping around for coverage after six months. There's no guarantee The Zebra will find you a better rate, but if they do, they'll even get the ball rolling with your new chosen provider, writing the policy and working out all the kinks to help the whole process run smoothly.

And there's no fear of your data falling into the wrong hands with The Zebra. They vow to never sell personal information on any of their users to outside marketers.

For those seeking the peace of mind that they aren't getting taken for a ride by their provider, heading over to The Zebra website and checking out your options can immediately put calm that concern — and maybe save you a boatload of cash.

Prices are subject to change.