This laptop cooler is not only an Amazon bestseller, it's also 25% off

By the time you feel the burn coming from the bottom of your dangerously overheated laptop, it might already be too late. Airflow is hugely important in making sure the hard-charging components inside your laptop stay cool so they can keep functioning properly. 

But, without adequate airflow, your processor and battery can build up tremendous heat. That can not only slow down your computer and cause freezes and other problems, it can even severely damage or, in many cases, virtually fry your computer. 

That fate is easily avoidable with a proper cooling system like one of Havit's highly touting gaming laptop cooling pads.

Havit is a top name in laptop accessories, with this pad earning a 4.5 out of 5-star rating and a prestigious Amazon's Choice designation from Amazon.

First and foremost, this cooling pad is up to its name, pushing a lot of air through the steel mesh surface from its powerful, 4-inch fans to provide a vital cooling effect to the undercarriage and sensitive components inside your laptop. There's even a rotating switch so you can adjust the wind speed from the fans, as well as LED lights to determine exactly how much air is being generated.

With fans spinning at up over 1,100 RPM, it's easy to assume this pad is as noisy as having a chainsaw in your lap, but the engineering actually makes for ultra-quiet performance, even at top speeds.

The pad comes with adjustable heights and a non-slip baffle to always remain comfortable, and it's also got an extra USB port to help connect and power even more peripherals to your computer.

In addition to the red or blue tinged center fan assemblies, the entire unit is also ringed by multi-colored RGB sidelighting. If you're going to use a cooling pad, you might as well look cool doing it, right?

Right now, this Amazon bestselling Havit Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad is available at 25% off its regular price, dropping your total down to only $31.95.

Prices subject to change.