This smart air purifier automatically cleans your breathing environment for you

High-quality air is important, but it's hard to properly gauge whether or not your area is experiencing a bad air day. You'd think there would be more smart air purification systems on the market because of this. The Sensibo Pure Smart Air Purifier jumps to the head of that line, utilizing what Sensibo calls the world's most advanced smart air purifier to keep your air clean, breathable, and pollutant-free.

At about 1.5 feet tall, the Sensibo Pure can be positioned on any table or countertop in your home, using proven HEPA and carbon filter technology to eradicate contaminants like viruses, dust, and more. In fact, the triple-layered filtering system can sweep particles as small as 0.1μm right out of your environment, eliminating allergens, pollens, odors, and everything else that befouls your air quality.

The Pure's most potent weapon is its brain. It's powered by Sensibo's Pure Boost technology, which regulates how air flows through your space based on built-in sensory data. Fueled by readings from an indoor air quality sensor, Sensibo Pure measures your air at all times. 

On its own, the unit factors in the amount of people who live in your home, the pollution levels and weather conditions outside, and even the time of day to determine when to switch on and adjust its air purifying settings. There's even a Turbo mode that can send the Pure into overdrive should stronger measures be needed.

While the Sensibo Pure can certainly operate all by itself, you can oversee and adjust everything through the companion app, which lets you optimize the air condition, even if you aren't home. You can also link the Pure with your preferred smart home assistant, so you can ask your Amazon Alexa or Google Home Assistant to check pollution levels or to start an air cleaning cycle.

The Sensibo Pure Smart Air Purifier usually retails for $149, but you can get 14% off right now, dropping the price to just $127.99.

Prices subject to change.