It's one of the world's smallest action cameras, yet still shoots 1080p HD video

There are just some video projects that don't work well using a smartphone. Sure, video quality has continued to improve in those pocket marvels, but sometimes, you really don't want a phone in your hands and distracting your attention from what's ahead.

You can keep your mind focused on the task at hand while still capturing every moment with the help of a quality HD action cam like the Veho Muvi Micro HD10X Camcorder

The most striking aspect of the Muvi at first glance is its size. The micro in its name is not a hyperbole. The unit is just over 2 inches long and weighs less than 1.5 oz. even with its metal casing, making it practically a spy cam. Because of its radically small footprint, the Muvi is uniquely suited to be clipped, mounted, or attached virtually anywhere. With the included spring clip, the Muvi can be attached to handlebars, a helmet, or even just clipped to your clothing for locked-down, hands-free video capture.

Despite the size, don't discount the Muvi's ample abilities. Right out of the box, users can immediately start shooting HD quality 1080p resolution footage at 30fps. Meanwhile, the built-in mic allows the Muvi to also record audio for a complete account of everything that happens. For those in security or law enforcement, the cam also has an optional time and date stamp you can lay right onto the recording. 

Footage can be stored on the 8GB microSD card included with the unit, or you can level up to a 32GB card for extended recording. The Muvi has a battery capable of recording for up to 80 minutes, assuring users always have time to capture the full breadth of the experience. Then, just plug it right into a computer via micro USB for easy video playback.

The Veho Muvi Micro HD10X Camcorder retails for $180, but if you use the code TAKE20 during checkout, you can take 20% off that price. With that discount, you can get one of the world's smallest action cams for just $144 while this deal lasts.

Prices subject to change.