Why I love The Browser

Boing Boing proudly welcomes The Browser as a sponsor.

A year ago my friend Kevin Kelly gave me a 3-month gift subscription to The Browser, a newsletter he'd been raving about. It has a deceptively simple premise: every weekday it recommends five articles worth reading, providing a succinct summary of each. The articles come from non-obvious sources but are always interesting and surprising. The editors work very hard to find great articles! After my sub ran out, I immediately subscribed.

There's more to The Browser than worthwhile article recommendations. It also has recommendations for videos and podcasts, a weekly conversation with an author, a crossword puzzle, and a daily quote.

The Browser is giving Boing Boing readers 20% off their first year on the annual $48/yr plan, or $38.40. To benefit from this offer, and to enjoy the best writing the internet can offer each day, use the code BOINGBOING20 when you sign up at this link. — Mark