Create your own home office with a portable desk divider that's $20 off

Sure, working from home was great for a while, but if you are finally feeling like you want to take back some of your privacy, that is totally understandable.

Right now, The Fort: Freestanding Divider for Desks is on sale for $265, down from $285 when you use coupon code FORT20. It is an easy way to section off any table in your home so that you can create the personal workspace you need to focus on and be just as productive as you were when you were going into the office every day.

The divider expands to 44.5 inches, but it folds up or lays flat so that it is super easy to store away when you are done with it. It is also made of a felt material that helps absorb acoustic sound — this way you can truly feel like you have created your own private office that offers peace and quiet. This is the perfect solution for those of you who had to transform your dinner tables into your home offices during the COVID-19 quarantine.

In addition to its sound and space-blocking capabilities, it is completely free-standing so that you do not have to worry about clipping it onto the table or taking too much time to get it set up. This is also a great option for those that want to set up a quarantine space in their home. While it is made of polyester, it is super easy to clean and can be sprayed and wiped down to make sure that it stays clean and sanitary.

Go ahead and take back some of your autonomy, even if you are stuck working from home. The Fort: Freestanding Divider for Desks is on sale for $265, down from $285 with the code FORT20.

Prices subject to change.