Learn how to build and market your brand on Pinterest with this training guide

What makes Pinterest stand out from other social media platforms? While there are definitely bigger, showier platforms that garner more attention, few garner the deep-seated, emotional connection that Pinterest generates in its most engaged devotees. A whopping 95% of Pinterest members say the site inspires them, while an equally impressive 91% give Pinterest credit for helping them achieve their life goals.

That degree of inspiration and fervor can soon radiate around your brand if you can open the door to the hearts of Pinterest fans. With The 2021 Pinterest Marketing and Growth Bundle, you'll earn access to those keys and learn how to leverage Pinterest's mighty user base to boost your campaigns.

The bundle features five courses packed with 10 hours of instruction that teaches students how to get started with Pinterest from the ground up. 

The training begins with Grow an Engaged and Valuable Audience On Pinterest. This course brings the Pinterest phenomenon into focus, exploring how to set up a profile, find an audience, create campaigns that endure, and even understand the analytics so you're always putting your best foot forward. You won't even need to have previous experience with the site. 

With the basics out of the way, courses like Pinterest Marketing: How To Ethically Siphon Free Traffic and the Complete Guide to Pinterest and Pinterest Growth 2021 delve deeper, examining how to organically boost your traffic using Pinterest Piggyback, and how to create a battle-tested game plan for growing your followers from zero to a million in a matter of weeks.

The collection closes with a course on Tailwind, a Pinterest management tool that will keep your profile robust and active while actually saving you time, as well as a course covering proven approaches for crafting ad campaigns and reaching your engagement goals.

The 2021 Pinterest Marketing And Growth Bundle offers nearly $1,000 of hard-won Pinterest knowledge, but you can get all five courses today for only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.