How to use AI to manage your brand's social media campaigns

Our pandemic-plagued 2020 didn't just change our daily routines and patterns. It also accelerated new trends that have been ramping up for years. For example, our time spent consuming digital content skyrocketed last year. Most U.S. adults engage with almost 8 hours of digital media every day, a 15 percent increase over 2019. 

During those eight hours, about 2.5 are spent just on social media platforms — and as any marketer knows, it's critical to find potential customers where they live and engage them on their own terms. But with dozens of different platforms and multiple content types to choose from, that can easily turn into a mountain of work. HelloWoofy Social Media Management can help take that workload off your plate.

HelloWoofy isn't some glorified Facebook scheduler. It's more like a cross-platform social media creator, using the power of artificial intelligence to create a steady stream of smart, automated content that you can feed right into your brand's social channels.

HelloWoofy's AI-driven brain goes through the web with a fine-toothed comb, finding and gathering content from all corners that stands the best chance of resonating with your target audience. It then automatically turns that content into social media or blog content, assigning hashtags and copyright-free images so it's immediately ready for posting.

The wide-ranging powers of HelloWoofy also extend to teaching users best practices for choosing keywords and best optimal times for posting content. That allows creators to post immediately or hold onto posts until they can make the most dramatic impact.

HelloWoofy also understands the importance of continuity, helping users start up recurring long-term campaigns optimized through AI so that human users — a.k.a. you — save both time and effort. It also includes a full suite of web analytics, which lets users peer into whether each post is reaching its full potential with your audience.

A one-year subscription to HelloWoofy usually costs $588, but as part of this deal, it's on sale for over 90 percent off, at just $49.

Prices subject to change.