The GoFish Cam lets anglers see what's really happening underwater. And it records video too.

There's almost nothing more primal than fishing. Just you, a line, a body of water, a fish as your prey…and truckloads of patience.

As a fisherman stands with their line cast and a lure bobbing several yards away just under the surface of the water, even the most experienced anglers want to know what's happening down there.

Are the fish biting, someone will invariably ask. The most common answer is usually based on little more than optimism. Hope so, the fisherman replies…because it's impossible to know exactly who's eyeballing your baited hook — and who's ignoring it completely.

The GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera pulls back the veil of secrecy from the secret world of fish, allowing any fisherman to actually watch the goings-on when their fishing line is doing its thing.

The GoFish attaches easily to a fishing line between the main and leader lines. Once sync via WiFi to your phone, the GoFish sends back real-time images to the mobile app, allowing anglers to watch the proceedings and gather critical fish intel like whether any fish are nearby. 

It can also capture video in glorious 1080p resolution high definition quality, so every single "one that got away" story can now be legitimately documented for history. 

Engineered to work with any fishing style, the GoFish's tiny size works for cast and retrieve fishing for small mouth bass, pike, or even larger saltwater fish. It can also be rigged to work for bottom fishing with a sinker for chasing snapper, vertical jigging for striped bass, or drag fishing for flounder. Thanks to three stabilization fins and a pre-set weight system, it can troll at slow or fast speeds or even be used as a bobber to see the action from an overhead view.

Get a look at what the fish are really thinking about you and your bait with the GoFish Cam Wireless Underwater Fishing Camera, now just $199.99.

Prices are subject to change.