This faithfully crafted moon lamp is as hypnotic as it is functional

For all of us space geeks, the past few weeks have been pretty magically. From the landing of NASA's uber-rover Perseverance on the face of Mars to hearing the first sounds from the surface of an alien planet, the Mars mission has reminded many of the beauty of the cosmos and the incredible ingenuity it takes for humankind to reach out into the stars.

While Perseverance is the latest iteration of that quest, it's only the most recent step in our species' generations-long obsession with space and celestial bodies. For centuries, humans have gazed up at the night sky and marveled at Earth's moon, drinking in all its majesty and wishing to touch and feel its alien-ness. 

With the Original Moon Lamp, that age-old fascination with the heavens runs headlong into modern technology, allowing you to do what your ancestors dreamed of for millennia: actually owning the moon.

This 7-inch reproduction is half light source, half stunning recreation of our planet's closest galactic neighbor.

Meticulously crafted from PVC polymer using high-quality NASA satellite images as inspiration, the Original Moon Lamp is a stunningly detailed piece depiction of the moon, while also serving as the perfect source of room light.

Powered by an internal LED, this wireless, rechargeable sphere can be set to glow with varying radiances. At a touch, you can switch from the soft 3,000K tone of a yellowish, low-atmosphere moon up to a fuller 6,000K burst of white moonlight gleaming high above. Whether you want a warm reading light or a shining orb that fills the room with wonder, the Moon Lamp brings the goods.

When it comes time to recharge, just attach the accompanying USB cable to juice up. It also comes with a handsome wood base, making it a surefire conversation starter that can't help but garner attention, whether it's showcased on the mantle or an end table. 

Regularly priced at $54, you can grab the Original Moon Lamp now and save $5, down to only $48.99.

Prices subject to change.