This JBL tower speaker brings professional, theater-quality sound to your home

It seems like every company is putting out their own speakers these days. From industry heavyweights like Sony and Pioneer to boutique brands you've never even heard of, store shelves are packed with speaker options. But a small handful of elite names rise above the general noise of the speaker wars. The educated audio consumer sees names like Bose Klipsch, and Sennheiser as shorthand for an optimal listening experience above and beyond everything else. 

Another of those elite names is JBL, one of the primary makers of sound systems for movie theaters and performance venues worldwide. That same adherence to delivering premium audio in public forums comes home in JBL's household Series 5 speaker line, including the standout JBL Studio 590 Dual 8" Floorstanding Loudspeaker.

Whether it's used as a standalone unit or as part of a larger surround-sound system, plugging in the Studio 590 is like instantly connecting a professional quality soundscape to your existing home theater. 

A Studio 590 fills rooms of any size, delivering crystal clarity, zero distortion, and pounding, rich, articulate bass. That's thanks to the dual 8-inch ribbed PolyPlas woofer cones as well as JBL's proprietary Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG) magnet assembly, which serves up extraordinarily lifelike sound for musical performances, dialogue, and action film pyrotechnics. 

Simply pop this tower in the corner of your listening or viewing space and let its high-frequency driver and horn kick in, creating a truly professional-level sound that can rival your favorite movie house or amphitheater. 

Regularly around $1,000 each, these Studio 590s have all been fully inspected, refurbished and certified to deliver the audio goods with as much precision and power as the day they rolled off the assembly line. There's also a minimum 90-day warranty in case anything doesn't meet up to your standards.

These JBL floorstanding loudspeakers can seriously change your entire audio system, and they're priced at less than half the regular price. With this deal, you can grab a JBL Studio 590 for only $479.99 apiece.

Prices subject to change.