Everyone needs a spurtle in their kitchen – and this pakka wood set is as sharp as they come

When you sort through all those kitchen utensils that take up drawer after drawer in your oh-so-well-stocked kitchen, there could be an essential item that you've forgotten. You undoubtedly have a spoon. And you've almost certainly got a spatula. But think for a second…does your culinary armory also include a spurtle?

Look, we're not going to try to lie to you. At first blush, a spurtle looks silly. Ok…it is kinda silly. But once food prep begins and seasoned chefs start wielding this do-it-all kitchen hybrid utensil, it turns out to be shockingly useful for stirring, scraping, spreading, and more. Hey, the Scots have been using spurtles for almost 500 years, so don't let the oddity distract you from their very real functionality.

If you're going to bring a spurtle into your kitchen, it may as well be one with some artistic flair, so you should definitely check out the sneaky and resourceful, yet stylishly funky Mad Hungry 3-Piece Pakka Wood Spurtle Set.

Mad Hungry is a line founded by noted author, TV personality, and Martha Stewart associate, Lucinda Scala Quinn. After writing the book Mad Hungry in 2009, Quinn spun out a line of eye-catching, yet super useful kitchen accessories that vibe with almost any cooking adventure.

This set made of trendy, yet durable and versatile pakka wood includes a 13-inch solid spurtle, a 10.5-inch slotted spurtle, and a more traditional 12-inch spatula. Each is also adorned with an attention-grabbing colorful design pattern that helps each piece look as pretty as it works.

Combining the flippable surface area of a spatula with the concave support of a spoon, a spurtle is ready to handle all kinds of kitchen duties, from rotating items in a pan, to swirling stews or broths, to making sure your porridge never clumps. 

Right now, you can get this non-stick Mad Hungry Pakka Wood Spurtle Set cookware in natural wood tones or the flashier red and blue varieties, now for half off the regular price. Retailing at $29, they're on sale now for only $14.99.

Prices subject to change.