ScholarshipOwl streamlines the scholarship process – and scores more money for students

No one needs to tell you that the cost of higher education is astronomical. A year of tuition and fees at the average American private university will cost over $37,000, while even a public school option for in-state students will likely set you back over $10,000 a year. Heap on housing, food, and utilities, as well as those $1,700 textbooks and a college student is already looking at going deep into debt well before finishing their education.

ScholarshipOwl doesn't think any student should be hampered by crippling bills just to improve their life. That's why they built their innovative platform to help students avoid that crushing burden, hooking them up with just the right scholarships to lower those costs and keep the focus of college where it should be – on the learning.

ScholarshipOwl is kind of like a scholarship clearing house, with connections to hundreds, even thousands of scholarship offers. Once a student fills out a ScholarshipOwl application, the service fires up, helping that student match their situation to just the right awards, boosting their odds at scoring that free college money.

Assessing a student's personality, grades, lifestyle, and more, ScholarshipOwl uses artificial intelligence to match those qualities to scholarship offers – and even dig up a few that a student would never consider on their own.

Once the matches are set, ScholarshipOwl will then get the application process started, entering student information to get the paperwork underway, right from their site. Since many scholarships require an essay as part of the application process, ScholarshipOwl helps with that as well, offering tools to write, edit, and proofread those essays right on the platform.

By widening the scope and streamlining the process for scholarship applications, students can reach out and take their shot at more available college money, saving valuable time while restricting the impact of those huge college loans. Meanwhile, over 80% of ScholarshipOwl users say being automatically applied to multiple scholarships is a huge advantage. 

And best of all, scoring even one of the scholarships that ScholarshipOwl digs out for a student will more than pay for the cost of the service itself. Right now, a lifetime of ScholarshipOwl access, a $1,200 value, is on sale now for 90% off, down to only $119.99.  

Prices subject to change.