DogTV is the video playmate, babysitter, and therapist your dog needs each day

Your dog usually has no problem curling up with you on the couch for a little TV time. But make no mistake — they're only there to get in some quality time with their favorite human. While they may sit quietly or even gaze at the TV for a few unbroken seconds, they aren't nearly as invested in that episode of Law and Order as you are. Binging the whole season of Ginny and Georgia on Netflix isn't exactly their idea of the perfect Saturday — but they'll do it for you.

Of course, Ginny and Georgia wasn't made for dogs, which is why it might be time to consider some programming a bit more tailored to the real interests of your furry friend. And DogTV isn't just about offering entertainment — it's actually content that can help build a happier, more confident dog.

DogTV is a 24/7/365 streaming channel with programming that's been scientifically developed to positively engage with your dog when you're at work or otherwise not around. And this isn't just guesswork either. Through years of research conducted by some of the world's premier pet experts, DogTV programs are crafted just for your dog, suited specifically to their vision and hearing abilities as well as their natural behaviors.

DogTV shows are split into three distinct segments, scheduled around a dogs' daily cycle and designed to keep them happy throughout the day. 

Stimulation programs incorporate playful animated sequences, dogs, and other animals which offer a dog viewer enough sights and sounds to stay mentally engaged to prevent boredom. The colors of the video are even altered to best meet a dog's unique color vision. Meanwhile, relaxation shows bring in calming scenes and soothing sounds to help your pet chill down when needed.

There are even exposure programs edited with limited sounds that can help a dog get used to common situations that might provoke overstimulation, fear or aggression like car rides or door bells.  

With this steady diet of dog-centric programming, dogs not only get fun, distracting video to keep them engaged throughout their day, but they also see and hear elements that can drive back anxiety and stress. 

Right now, you can line up a lifetime subscription to DogTV and its archive of pet-approved content for over 50 percent off the regular price, only $199.99.

Prices subject to change.