Anytongs can declutter any kitchen by turning your flatware into cooking tongs

When they asked staffers at culinary website, The Kitchn, to name the single most important food prep tool, those cooking experts shockingly did not fall in behind the ever trusty chef's knife.

No, for their money, no kitchen is actually complete without a quality set of tongs.

Versatility is why those foodies can't get by without a solid pair — or in many cases, several pairs. Between different needs and cross-contamination worries, it's easy to burn through two, three, four, even seven pairs in preparing a single meal.

But rather than loading up an entire drawer with tongs, the Anytongs are a single, reliable answer to the multi-tong question, turning your own everyday flatware into tongs whenever you need one…or several.

Kickstarter fans flipped for the Anytongs, with almost 1,000 buyers backing the project with over $33,000. The premise is shockingly simple – why have loads of bulky tong sets when you can just use the forks and spoons you already have?

The rubberized slots in the Anytongs fulcrum are tapered to accommodate flatware of various widths, shapes, and styles, so virtually any everyday utensil can slip right into its tight, sturdy grip, withstanding up to 12 lbs. of pressure. Once they're locked in, it's just like having a regular pair, capable of both the control and comfort needed to flip meats, grip noodles, toss salads, and more.

Of course, if you're going to put raw chicken on the grill, you can't follow up by using those same tongs for making a side. With the Anytongs, it's literally the flick of the wrist to pop off a used fork or spoon and sub in a new one to stave off any cross-contamination.

The base itself is dishwasher-safe, and at 5 inches long, takes up a fraction of the drawer space of those single-piece tongs.

Right now, you can get an Anytong at 20% off its regular price by entering the coupon code TONGS4 when you make your purchase. That shaves $4 off your total, dropping the final price to just $15.99.

Prices subject to change.