The Twisty Glass Mini Combo makes a quick smoke break easier than ever

It's not an easy world these days for smokers. Sure, some states like Illinois and North Carolina are granting smokers priority status for the COVID vaccine. However, that's really just an acknowledgment that they're a higher risk for contracting and suffering from the illness than others.

Since pulling out a pipe or vape pen for a quick hit of tobacco or your favorite herb isn't universally popular, there are ways to discreetly handle the situation, including one of the cutest, most versatile pipes you'll ever come across. Based on the design of the original Twisty Glass Blunt, the Twisty Glass Mini is designed for those looking for just a little taste in a flash, all from a subtle and easily transportable pipe.

For those who haven't tried one, a glass blunt delivers a cleaner, healthier hit than a standard blunt, containing and knocking back the smell a tobacco leaf emits during burning. Even smaller than the size of a Bic lighter, the Twisty Glass Mini stores a convenient 0.5 grams at a time, so it's a great way to control your intake. 

It practically even works like an actual blunt. Just pack in your tobacco or herb, twist the screw top into place, then light the end. The five chambers inside the Mini ensure users get a smooth hit, while the 50 percent smaller cherry makes sure the intensity is never overwhelming.

Also compatible with a water pipe, the Twisty Glass Mini even comes with its own storage case that makes carrying the Mini even easier.

Regularly $49, the Twisty Glass Mini Combo is on sale now at just $37.99, a savings of over $10. 

Prices subject to change.