The Salted Smart Insoles bring the genius of wearable tech to the insides of your shoes

If you're an avid golfer, you probably know that the sport requires a ton of walking, and you probably think you're pretty darn good at it. However, there's a chance that you may not be quite the professional walker that you think you are. 

If you suffer from poor body balance or posture, there are a variety of medical or physiological reasons that could be happening. Or it could just be you don't stand or walk right. Before you suffered pain or even physical injury because of those deficiencies, the SALTED Smart Insoles might help.

The SALTED Smart Insoles bring the genius of wearable tech to the insides of your shoes. The result of five years of research in how to make body balance measurements affordable and easily accessible to everyone, The Salted insoles are like attaching micro-computers that analyze everything that happens with you from the ankles down.

Resting in your shoe, the insoles' patented pressure sensor technology is always on, constantly measuring a user's foot pressure, gait pattern, bodyweight imbalance, and muscle movements. Synced to the Salted app, your insoles feed all that data back, giving you personalized insight into how you walk and stand, with self-correction recommendations for adjusting posture or improving body motions like your golf swing.

But it's more than just tips. These insoles even vibrate in response to the embedded sensors, providing real-time feedback with up to 12 different vibration patterns to help you acknowledge and correct walking or standing issues. If you're an athlete, the app will also help runners analyze and adjust their gait, while golfers can use it to check and improve their swing orbit and driving distance.

These insoles are super adaptable, crafted from ultra-thin, lightweight EVA to be both comfortable and customizable, while also waterproof and dust-resistant for even the rainiest or snowiest of days. Finally, the SALTED Smart Insoles charge magnetically and wirelessly, and can even be cut with a pair of scissors to fit your particular shoe size.

Retailing for $229, shoppers can now save over 10 percent off the price of a pair of SALTED Smart Insoles, dropping the price to just $199.99.

Prices subject to change.