NCAA filed complaint against urologists that "Vasectomy Mayhem" marketing schtick is too close to "March Madness" trademark

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) filed a complaint with the US Patent and Trademark Office, arguing that the Virginia Urology clinic's use of the slogan "Vasectomy Mayhem" in a marketing campaign conflicts with their trademark of "March Madness." From NBC News:

Virginia Urology's use of "Vasectomy Mayhem" will "result in confusion, mistake or deception with petitioner and/or the goods and services marketed in connection with the NCAA," according to Chicago-based lawyer Douglas Masters, representing the NCAA[…]

The NCAA cited various ads Virginia Urology has run, including one with the words "Hoops Madness" that has twin basketballs used for the double-o in "hoops." […]

Dominic Madigan, a lawyer for Virginia Urology, said Thursday he's confident the USPTO "correctly approved our 'Vasectomy Mayhem' trademark."

"We don't think anyone has confused our vasectomy ads with any other organization," he added. "We are disappointed with this costly and unnecessary legal challenge, but will remain focused on caring for our community."

Here is the petition to the USPTO for cancellation of the Vasectomy Mayhem registration.

image: YouTube