The Wipebook Scan is the reusable notebook that also works with the cloud

Sometimes, your best ideas spring from idle doodles and scribblings. A pen or pencil and the open canvas of a blank white sheet of paper are an open invitation to break through conventions and come up with something entirely new and different.

Thinkers, doers, and problem solvers enjoy filling up sheets of paper or marking up a whiteboard. Unfortunately, that level of freeform creativity isn't exactly best tailored to the rigid boundaries of most tech. However, the Mini Wipebook Scan knocks down those barriers. Whenever you need an erasable surface to work it all out, the Wipebook is your own personal whiteboard, combining the ease of old school note-taking with the convenience of innovation and the cloud.

Each Mini Wipebook comes packing 20 glossy-surfaced A5 sized pages, including 10 ruled lined pages and 10 graph pages. Then, using a dry erase or correctible ink pen like the included Staedtler 305F-9 Pen, simply go to work visualizing your thoughts in your own unique way.  

If you feel like you're headed down the wrong path, just wipe the page with a cloth or damp towel and your page is clean and good as new, ready for you to start again!

Of course, if you like what you came up with and want to hang on to it, the Wipebook Scan app lets you snap an image of the page, automatically crops it, then saves it to your cloud service of choice. Wipebook is engineered to work seamlessly with all the big cloud providers, including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote, and more.

With the Wipebook Scan, you can fill up page after page with brilliance, file it with a click, then have a completely empty notebook to start the process all over again. And it's all with the same sense of tactile pen-and-ink work many grew up learning.

Right now, a 2-pack of Mini Wipebook Scan notebooks is on sale at more than 10 percent off their regular price, down to just $52.95 with the current deal.

Prices subject to change.\