Unlock your inner artist with this travel-ready watercolor paint set

At some point, we've all entertained the idea: "If I just hunkered down, I could sink into a set of watercolor paints and really become a not-completely-embarrassing painter."

Hey look, there's no reason that dream still can't come true. Most of us are still spending more time at home than we used to, so quality time spent honing your skills as a competent beginning watercolor artist is a productive use of your hours and building talents.

Of course, to be a watercolor artist, you need watercolor paints worthy of that pursuit. This Paint Mark 48-Watercolor Paint Set with blending brush pens is just the collection a starter or even an experienced painter can plunge into with gusto.

Amazon fans are already heavily on-board for this paint set, with nearly 800 reviewers pushing this collection to a stellar 4.7 out of 5 star rating, including reviews calling it the "best value for (the) money" and the "best watercolor set for artists of all levels."

The travel-friendly set is designed to help make each of the 48 vibrant colors easily accessible, while still offering plenty of options for mix and matching to create your own perfect shade or blend. The colors are sectioned into 8 different groups of 6 removable half pans, with ample space to explore various hues and find the perfect mix for your project.

And blending gets a whole lot easier when you're using a watercolor brush pen. Unlike a traditional brush, the pen actually combines the effect of a brush stroke with the control of a pen or marker. A squeeze applies just the right level of moisture to the canvas, allowing you to properly gauge the intensity and feel of your color.

With its flexible nylon bristles for precise strokes either broad or fine, the brushes also lock into a holder along with the foldout mixing tray for one compact set that can be easily packed and carried with you when you travel. It even comes with 20 sheets of 200g/m2 paper for your artistic experimentations.

The Paint Mark 48-Watercolor Paint Set retails for $22, but right now, you can save 13 percent and get the collection for a couple bucks off at just $19.99.

Prices subject to change.