A 76-year-old Asian woman fights off a 39-year-old attacker, sending him to the hospital

On Wednesday, while a 76-year-old Asian woman was waiting to cross the street in San Francisco, she was punched in the face by a 39-year-old man. But Xiao Zhen Xie acted quickly when she spotted a two-foot stick nearby. She grabbed the stick and hit him back, so hard he was sent to the hospital with a bloody face, and apparently "dazed," according to Vice.

From Vice:

"This bum, he hit me," Xie told a crowd in Chinese, crying as she held the stick she'd used to defend herself. …

In an emotional interview with KPIX later that day, Xiao Zhen Xie's left eye was still bleeding and swollen, and she sobbed while her daughter explained how the attack took place.   

The 39-year-old man suspected of attacking Xie has not been named, but he is under investigation for the alleged attack, as well as a previous one on an 83-year-old man earlier Wednesday morning, San Francisco Police Department officials told KPIX. Police said they are trying to determine the role bias played in the attacks. 

Xie "currently cannot see out of her left eye" according to Vice. The attack occurred less than 24 hours after the Atlanta mass shooting that killed eight people, including six Asians.