Get a 1-year Sam's Club membership and another to give to a friend for 60% off

Between the rapid approach of spring and the arrival of the COVID vaccine, most of us are already mentally crafting our lists of everything we're anxious to do over the next few months. Whether it's stuff we've been putting off for too long or just places and events we can't wait to get back to after over a year on the sidelines, our personal bucket lists are growing — and that usually always starts with a trip to the store.

Thankfully, retailers are just as happy to see crowds of customers returning as the customers are to be back. That new-found enthusiasm is spurring businesses like Sam's Club to ramp up their efforts to earn your business — and right now, they're inviting both you and a friend or loved one to become new Sam's Club members at big savings off their regular membership rates. 

Of course, you already know Sam's Club is a retail warehouse store where you can get pallets of toilet paper and vats of ranch dressing, as well as thousands of other bulk groceries, kitchen gear, electronics, furniture, and other essential items at big discounts.

Right now, new Sam's Club members can not only open a one-year membership for just $45.88 — almost 25 percent off the regular $57.96 price — but they'll also get a second membership to gift to someone else absolutely free. That membership can be given to any other new Sam's Club member who doesn't live with you, so you can play Santa Clause to your favorite grandparent, recent grad, a friendly neighbor, or anyone else you'd like to give the gift of Sam's Club.

As if saving big money on all your grocery shopping wasn't enough, each membership also comes with some added freebies to sweeten the deal. Each account gets a set of Sam's Club's most popular items for free: a seasoned rotisserie chicken (a $4.98 value) and an 8-count package of gourmet cupcakes (a $7.98 value). Plus, each new member also receives a complimentary household card for even more savings on a bunch of Sam's Club items. 

So let's break down the math. With this deal, each Sam's Club membership works out to cost under $23. Once you add on the $13 savings from the chicken and cupcakes as well as any extra discounts from the household card, you're looking at each 12-month membership actually costing less than the price of a general admission movie ticket in most places. The deal is only valid for new Sam's Club members, but if you fit the criteria, it's an offer too good to turn down.

You can get your buy one, get one free Sam's Club membership offer for $45.88 right now.

Prices subject to change.