Omagles makes construction and STEM training child's play with over 200 pieces to play with

It usually starts small with things like building blocks or Legos, but before too long, a child's imagination kicks in and small projects start turning into bigger projects. Eventually, the vision escalates to structures, vehicles, and other objects that are lifesize for a kid. And now that a structure or vehicle has to hold its weight, this makes young creators start thinking about their projects in a whole new way, considering supports, and weight distribution, and aerodynamics.

It's STEM, the organic way — which is part of why Omagles is so popular with imaginative, creative young minds. Omagles is a set of building blocks — big building blocks. Created in the 1980s under the concept of construction toys for kids, these plastic pieces have been repurposed for today's kids, offering sets for building life-sized creations that feed on spatial learning, problem-solving, and plain old fun.

The Omagles Builder Set includes over 200 pieces that can be assembled into 30 different pre-designed objects. By following the manual, kids can create stuff just for them, including a desk, a scooter, a sailboat, a mini gym, a playhouse, and more.

Crafted for kids 3 and older, Omagles use a simple system of connectors and clips to help projects take shape, with included tubes sliding into connectors with a firm, secure safety clip.

Of course, the real magic happens once kids have ripped through all the pre-arranged projects. Then, the real ingenuity kicks in, as the engineers and designers of tomorrow start coming up with all new structures, vehicles, and more that take Omagles into places only they can dream of.

Whether they work in teams or it's just one driven child with a vision, you can just step back and let their creativity run wild. 

Right now, this Omagles Builder set, valued at $319, is available for $20 off. That makes your set on sale now for $299. 

Prices subject to change.