The BarkingMat is the smart dog trainer that actually helps your dog train you

Training a puppy to handle their business is usually as fraught with anxiety as toilet training an actual child. Between the constant trips outside, the inevitable accidents, and the heightened stress for both pet and owner, getting even the most compliant of dogs housebroken can be a trying time.

Thankfully, technology is ready to help lend a hand to this delicate process, thanks to inventions like the BarkingMat Smart Dog Training Mat.

Rather than constantly taking your dog outside and hoping they take care of things on your timetable, the BarkingMat lets your dog tell you when it's magic time. Many animals suffer through the growing pains of potty training in silence, sitting by the door and hoping you'll get the hint — until biology takes over and they can't hold it anymore.

This 22×15-inch mat can be placed right by the door outside. When your dog is ready to head out, all they have to do is set a paw on the BarkingMat. That pressure will trigger the mat to make either a barking dog noise or a more ethereal chime sound, whichever you prefer. When you hear the tone, you know your pup is standing by, ready to go handle nature's call.

You can also set the BarkingMat to silent mode and send notifications right to your phone that your dog is set to go out. Made of plastic, the mat can also double as a pee pad, just in case you don't make it to the door in time.

In that event, the BarkingMat is easy to clean, wiping down with just a damp towel. The lithium-ion battery inside also holds a long lasting charge with only an occasional need for a power-up via the USB port.

Considering it can take up to 4 to 6 months for puppies to attain full control of their bladders, even occasional success thanks to the BarkingMat will be warmly welcomed by both you and your dog.

Regularly $79, the BarkingMat Smart Dog Training Met is now on sale at almost $10 off, down to just $69.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.