Whether it's PMP, Agile, or Six Sigma, these project management courses explain it all

For all of its intricacies and the myriad of methodologies, project management really isn't all that complicated. An employer needs a complex task handled — and the mission of the project manager is just to see it through to a successful end. Of course, there are many paths to project glory or defeat, so the top managers know the process that will work best for a given project, the steps to make that process run smoothly, and the possible pitfalls to watch for along the way.

Even for those with no experience heading up one of those complex operations, the 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification Bundle offers the groundwork for reaching a happy project conclusion.

The collection is also perfect for those new learners still exploring all the various approaches to PM mastery. This package features 10 courses with nearly 40 hours of instruction that explain some of the world's top PM schools of thought, including PMP, Agile, Six Sigma, and more.

It all begins with a closer look at PMP certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI). Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep: 6th Edition covers all the PMP standards included in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), including scheduling, costs, resource allocation, and other important points toward earning PMP accreditation.

Meanwhile, Agile and Agile Scrum represents the largest segment of PM practitioners, using a discipline that's based around teamwork, self-organization, and team member accountability. In addition to learning the steps for guiding a sound Agile project, learners also get exposure to some of the most popular Agile-compatible tools,  including Monday.com, Trello, and Jira.

And then, there's Six Sigma. This methodology centers around harsh efficiency, streamlining all variations, and eliminating errors to keep a project running smoothly and quickly toward success.

Altogether, The 2021 Complete PMP Career Training Certification Bundle would normally cost a student almost $2,000 for all this in-depth learning. As part of this collection, it's a whole lot less, just $34.99.

Prices subject to change.