The Cheerble Ball is a smart interactive toy that'll keep your cat on its toes

All you have to do is throw a ball and a dog will stay happy and entertained for hours. A cat, however, is another kettle of fish entirely. 

Cats are hardwired as hunters; their little kitty brains are stocked at birth with an innate ability to track and neutralize prey as well as a sense of crisis awareness that always makes them highly attuned to any moving objects around them.

Cats are complex creatures, so the toys tasked with keeping their attention had better be just as complex. The Cheerble Ball is an interactive cat toy that knows what it takes to keep your cat alert, engaged, and having fun.

This intelligent toy is about the size of a tennis ball, crafted with a synthetic fiber shell to survive rough play. All you have to do is push the button to launch the Cheerble Ball into one of its' three different play modes.

First, the Cheerble Ball rolls and shakes, attracting your cat's attention. Once the cat hits or pushes the ball, it flips into a response mode, rattling quickly and even hopping in acknowledgment of your pet's touch. 

And if you aren't around, no problem. The Cheerble Ball also has its own intelligent companion mode which automatically runs through cycles of 10 minutes of active play engaging your cat, followed by 30 minutes of rest. Even if your pet decides to lay down and get lazy, the Cheerble Ball will be back, ensuring your pet always stays active and involved.

There are no apps or controls needed to keep the Cheerble Ball on task, and its onboard automatic obstacle avoidance system keeps it from rolling under couches, knocking things over, or generally taking itself out of commission.

You can pick up a Cheerble Ball for your favorite feline friend now at $10 off, cutting its regular $39 price down to only $29.95.

Prices subject to change.