Vulcan Salute statue to be built in Boston in honor of Leonard Nimoy

Today is Leonard Nimoy Day in Boston, and what better way to celebrate than the announcement of a 20-ft Vulcan Salute statue that will be built in front of the Museum of Science.

The Live Long and Prosper statute is designed by local sculptor David Phillips, in conjunction with the Nimoy family. Leonard's daughter, Julia said:

The 'Live Long and Prosper' symbol represents a message that my dad believed so strongly in. My dad always loved Boston and he would be honored knowing that the Museum of Science would be the permanent home to this memorial. The sculpture not only depicts one of the world's most recognized and loved gestures for peace, tolerance, and diversity, but it will also be a beautiful tribute to my dad's life and legacy.

Nimoy grew up in Boston's West End, just blocks away from the museum. He narrated a short film for the museum, which was mandatory viewing on all school field trips.

Donations to defray the $1 million dollar price tag of the sculpture are being accepted on the museum's website. Museum president Tim Ritchie said:

He lifted our aspirations and hopes through his commitment to science, intellectual curiosity, generosity, and, yes, logic. He reminded us about the best part of humanity and gave us a vision for building a society based on reason and tolerance. The opportunity to pay tribute to him is a great honor and what better day to make this announcement than on what would have been his 90th birthday.