6 apps that will help you read more, smarter, and faster — now an extra 30% off

As it turns out, those who claimed they were going to spend their quarantine time catching up on books they'd been meaning to read have been doing just that. According to research from Global English Editing, 35 percent of web users worldwide read more during the pandemic, with 14 percent reporting their reading to be up significantly. 

But with the world now turning back toward normal, don't take your foot off the gas pedal now. These six app discounts can help keep your reading muscles toned and ready and your book queues fully stocked.

And on top of these savings, you can take an extra 30 percent off each of these deals by entering the coupon code DOWNLOADIT when you make your purchase.

ZapReader Speed-Reading: Lifetime Subscription – $27.99 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $499

You could be reading faster, but you've picked up some bad habits along the way. Using scientifically designed exercises to remove those bad reading habits automatically, ZapReader can retrain your eyes and brain, allowing you to process words faster without losing comprehension. With world-class experts and top reading technology at your disposal, you can double their reading speed while remembering almost everything. 

12min Micro Book Library: Lifetime Premium Subscription – $27.30 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $399

With 12min's curated library of non-fiction micro books, every volume in their catalog has been distilled down to an essential 12-minute summary. Their team spotlights key concepts and ideas driving hundreds of best-selling books on everything from finance, parenting, leadership, sales, productivity, and more. The library adds about 30 new books a month — and if you can't find a summary of the book you want, just ask and 12min can add it to their collection. 

Knowable Audio Learning Platform: Lifetime Subscription – $41.99 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $600

Google Play called it one of the "New Apps We Love" — and with Knowable's method for turning learning into listening to a podcast, the charms are obvious. With sessions from over 200 of the world's leading experts in dozens of different disciplines, each of these audio courses offers perspective and guidance in mastering everything from business and career growth to personal finance, creativity, and health and wellness. New courses are added each week, along with companion workbooks, curated resources, and other tools that make sure the learning never ends.

Four Minute Books: Lifetime Subscription – $27.99 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $399

If 12 minutes is too deep of a commitment, how about just 4? Four Minute Books brings together over 1,400 text and audio summaries of many of the world's most respected books, then consolidates the sum total of their expertise into just 240 seconds. From Rich Dad Poor Dad to Who Moved My Cheese to The 4-Hour Workweek, you can download and consume great works in less time than it takes to take your vehicle through the carwash.

Instaread Book Summaries: 1-Yr Subscription – $34.99 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $90

With Instaread's curated library of non-fiction books, every volume in their collection has been read and interpreted by their team of experts, then condensed into a summary that's less than 15 minutes long. This subscription offers immediate access to read or listen to summaries of thousands of New York Times' bestsellers — with forty new books added to their archive every month. From Moneyball by Michael Lewis to Michael Eric Dyson's JAY-Z: Made in America, there's always something that'll grab your interest as you're scrolling through the Instaread collection.

Elocance Audio Reading App: Lifetime Subscription – $24.49 after code DOWNLOADIT; originally $434

Elocance makes sure there's never a wasted moment in your day. From a laptop browser or a mobile device, just click and drag or share a file to Elocance — the app will give you a full audio presentation of that text, whether it's a new article, a business report, or notes from a meeting. Curate all your material into playlists, then listen back to it whenever you find a spare minute, all delivered through synthetic voice technology that turns written material into an audio stream that sounds lifelike and human.

Prices subject to change.