Jumpstart your power and electrical engineering career with these $40 training courses

Power and electricity are so foundational to modern life that it's jarring to even consider what happens if the delivery of current to the homes and businesses of millions isn't reliable or, even more shockingly, gone altogether.

But when breakdowns like February's power grid failure in Texas happen, faith is tested — and everyone starts asking questions. If that case proved anything, it's that the need for those truly skilled in maneuvering energy safely and efficiently is as vital as ever. And it comes with some healthy compensation as well. 

Careers in the lucrative field can start with training like that found in The Fundamentals of Power and Electrical Engineering Bundle. This nine-course, 32-hour collection is a complete introduction to all the hows and whys of power distribution and creating systems designed to harness that electrical flow through even the most complex grids and industrial systems. 

This learning is anchored by a four-part Fundamentals course package, delving into four key areas for understanding electrical engineering. Across this mini-bundle, students learn about various types of power switches, ranging from rectifiers, inverters, and AC and DC choppers for converting fixed voltage into variable power.                                                                      

Of course, major power distribution questions and issues aren't just decisions an engineer makes on the fly. With the Power Electronics Simulations in MATLAB and Power System Simulations in MATLAB courses, professional engineers can test out their specific power needs before putting them into practice in the real world. MATLAB is one of the premium programming platforms for simulating how theoretical designs will actually work, so this training becomes invaluable in making sure your work will stand up against real-world challenges.

Meanwhile, data centers are playing a bigger and bigger role in everything from commerce to our financial systems to our communications. The three Data Center Essentials courses explore the specific requirements for powering and maintaining a vital data center from storage capabilities to cooling needs to how to safely conduct all that energy.

Students can launch their electrical engineering careers now with the training from The Fundamentals of Power and Electrical Engineering Bundle, an $1,800 value now on sale for just $39.99.

Prices subject to change.