Twitter bans "fake" Amazon workers praising company

Twitter has suspended a number of accounts claiming to be Amazon workers who love working for the company, reports the BBC, after Amazon confirmed that the accounts were not authentic. The astroturf effort comes as Amazon workers in Alabama vote on whether to unionize.

Most of the accounts were made just a few days ago, often with only a few tweets, all related to Amazon.

"What bothers me most about unions is there's no ability to opt out of dues," one user under the handle @AmazonFCDarla tweeted, despite a state law in Alabama which prevents this. Another account – which later changed its profile picture after it was revealed to be fake – said: "Unions are good for some companies, but I don't want to have to shell out hundreds a month just for lawyers!"

Amazon's anti-union campaign has been astonishingly badly-run, with tone-deaf attacks on Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among the tweets that sent PR professionals cringing. But these are only the least subtle clunkers in a huge effort backed by virtually unlimited resources.