Facing lengthy prison terms, Capitol terrorist suspects are suddenly sorry for rioting on January 6

Many of the suspected terrorists who broke into the Capitol seem to have lost the gleeful enthusiasm they had on January 6 when they were attacking police with weapons and tear gas and hunting for the Vice President so they could execute him on the gallows they'd constructed. In fact, they are now downright apologetic about the mistakes that were made. Why the sudden change of heart? Could it be they suddenly stopping being sociopathic manbabies? Or could it be the loss of employment, shame on their families, internal infamy in history books, and the prospect of 60-year prison sentences they now face?

From an AP article titled "Some Capitol riot suspects apologize as consequences sink in":

A lawyer for Dominic Pezzola, who authorities say is a member of the extremist group Proud Boys and broke a Capitol window with a police shield, said in a filing that his client's incarceration has placed his wife and two children in desperate financial straits.

Several workers at a floor installation business Pezzola manages are also out of work because Pezzola is jailed, attorney Jonathan Zucker wrote in a February filing seeking Pezzola's release pending trial.

Pezzola, the attorney wrote, was sorry for his actions, which included posting a video giving a triumphant speech inside the Capitol while smoking a "victory" cigar.

"Since his arrest, having time to reflect and see how things have revealed themselves, he now realizes he was duped into these mistaken beliefs " that the election was stolen from President Donald Trump, Zucker wrote.